Where everybody knows your name Howdy Stranger What can I getcha? They grow up so fast Apparently A thing or two High roller Three of cups Twist The six of coins How apt Shots A toast A magician A soldier Not that kind of soldier Cryptic Brandy Very well Now let me see My memory Bunkroom Trotify Ravine Neigh Miraculously Camp What was that sound? Dagger Shadows and Flame Man cub Her Majestys Servant Raksha Unfathomable Like mine Fascinated Up there Match Jungle broke So long That night Jungle fire Did she die? Morbid Doubtless But but Not so fast Arent you forgetting something? Matchbox SO UNFAIR Kids these days Wilful? The one with the hyenas Kitara way Meanwhile Doubletake Three of Cups How did he... Hocus Pocus Aphra and Sebastian