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Anders Furevik
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A Graphic Novel
In Ten Volumes
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A Graphic Novel
In Ten Volumes

What if the age of rail
came before the age of sail?

A young and paranoid Queen rules over a large but crumbling British Empire, where war is waged using gigantic battle trains and wounded soldiers are repaired with clockwork.

Against a backdrop of mutinous generals, brutal secret police, noble plotting and widespread civil unrest, her younger brother - thought dead decades ago after a bloody civil war - returns to claim what is rightfully his.
Stuart Lawson
Will Segerman
Dr Matthew Williamson
Jason Griffiths
Declan Pattison
Will Sprunt
Gabriella Gerdelics
Joe Schermoly
Sarah Hacking-Brian
Willow Tomkins
Raven Kaliana
Aimee Stewart
Chris Chapman

The Clockwork Quartet is a multimedia project by the creative studio Original Content London based in Shoreditch at Top Office Machines.

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"Dresden Dolls-esque... bizarre and morbidly dark"
- NME (6 June 2009)

"Tarnished and bittersweet"
- The Guardian